Celebrity Come Dine With Me: Katie Price

The Brief:

For this project, I must create a place setting for Katie Price (A.K.A Jordan). This means finding found objects or creating from scratch; a table setting that personifies her. So off the top of my head, I’m thinking plastic and pink.

Before diving head first in, I did some research on Katie Price to find out things I didn’t already know about her. These are a few of the things that came up:

  • Went from a B size to a D size bra after getting plastic surgery
  • Was a “Page 3” model for The Sun
  • Loves being in the public eye
  • So much so that she has had several reality tv shows
  • She went on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • Married Peter André and divorced him
  • Did the same with Alex Reid a few years later
  • Has three children, one of whom has medical problems and a form of autism
  • Endorses many products
  • Has her own Equestrian ware and is big into horses
  • Loves getting her nails and hair done

As a lot of the information portrays Jordan as being a bit superficial and into her looks, I’m going to base my place setting on this kind of information.

These are a few images of Katie Price that show what she’s like on the surface.


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