End Katie Price Design

This is my finished design. It’s really similar to the last designs, I’ve just added a black twisted fork. This fork symbolises how Katie Price doesn’t have as perfect a life as it seems. Although you don’t really know by looking at it why the fork is there, I think that it would leave the viewer with a sense of wondering why it’s there. This is all I think is needed, as it is only there to hint that something might be wrong with her life- It’s not as perfect as it seems.


What I came up with…

I tried a few things out with what kind of materials and what kind of look I should go for. I eventually went for pink and sparkly. I combined this with my initial ideas, and this is what I have created so far. It’s not finished yet, but these are a few different ways of how I would potentially like the place setting to look. I’ve also included close-ups of particular aspects of the design which I like.

Concept Development

I began my ideas by looking up previous place settings that I liked or that might work well in my design. I put a few of the ones I thought worked well onto a sheet. I also included plastic-type settings as that’s an angle I might go down for my own place setting.

In these sheets here I explored different ways of portraying Katie Price. I looked mainly at the effort she puts into her appearance. Some of the ideas are crude but they work well enough on paper. It may be hard to get them to work in a 3D setting. I’ve included beauty products and tools that I might use when converting the concept to a 3D one.

Celebrity Come Dine With Me: Katie Price

The Brief:

For this project, I must create a place setting for Katie Price (A.K.A Jordan). This means finding found objects or creating from scratch; a table setting that personifies her. So off the top of my head, I’m thinking plastic and pink.

Before diving head first in, I did some research on Katie Price to find out things I didn’t already know about her. These are a few of the things that came up:

  • Went from a B size to a D size bra after getting plastic surgery
  • Was a “Page 3” model for The Sun
  • Loves being in the public eye
  • So much so that she has had several reality tv shows
  • She went on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • Married Peter André and divorced him
  • Did the same with Alex Reid a few years later
  • Has three children, one of whom has medical problems and a form of autism
  • Endorses many products
  • Has her own Equestrian ware and is big into horses
  • Loves getting her nails and hair done

As a lot of the information portrays Jordan as being a bit superficial and into her looks, I’m going to base my place setting on this kind of information.

These are a few images of Katie Price that show what she’s like on the surface.

Choosing Formats for the Stationery

These are the some different ideas I had for letterheads. I didn’t use them on account of them being too decorative, or that to my eye they just didn’t look right. But I did use aspects of a few of them in my final design.

I also tried out a few different ideas for the reverse of the stationery. These are the ones I didn’t use! (But also… I used some of the ideas in here for the end format)